Sunday, August 31, 2008


31 bulan 8, 57
hari mulia
negaraku merdeka...
yeah. hepi independence day ppl!!! last nite we celebrated the day at our campus, all malaysian gathered. i loved this moment but not the last part during the 'shooting' thing. tv3 had came to do a recording stuff about 'hari raya di Madura' if i'm not mistaken la, then they stopped by here to do the raya dedication which is later akan masuk lam MHI and WHI. waaaa~ we are so dem excited u noe.. hehehe.. almaklumla for the very 1st time nak masuk tv.. we did the dedication according to our state. so for me this was my dialog 'saya wan nur madihah, dari besut, terengganu'. dats ol for individual dedication. later when all terengganurian gathered, we have to say these bla2 sentences. the word that i remembered was selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin.. huhuh, at this part im screwed!! i bla2 x igt the sentences. so we had to do that things again and again for about 3 tapes.. shamed on me!! gelabah beb.. dats why la its happened. sorry ya terengganurian.. if ours tak masuk tv!! hehehhe.. kind of experienced! here is some pics from last nite celebration :

us :)
watching junior's performances
me and poovy, i love dis pic~
shooting part!! phewww..

and not to forget, selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan..
esok puase!!! huhu, selamat menjalankan ibadah....
manfaatkan bulan yang mulia ini dengan sebaik-baiknya....

p/s : to shafiq n suhail, dun giv me dat look!!! huhu, glabah beb x jadi!! hehe


Friday, August 29, 2008

it's friday bebeh!!

is life is that complicated??? hmmm...

at last. after struggling with a very hard week, today i realized that this is the time i've been waiting for. WEEKEND!! o yeah! penat beb, seriously. everyday class started at 7am(so dem early) til 4pm, everyday have practical in lab(anatomi and histology), everyday have discussion, everyday have about 30-50 ques i have to finish in a night (ONLY) to discuss tomorrow, everyday i have to angkat buku berat2 to FK, everyday i have to pretend i like pbl although i'm not, everyday ppl.. it is all about every single day that happened in my life for this week.. boring kan?? and also stress a little bit.. it is not a complaint.. but it is just 'haihhhh'... dats why la weekend ni macam memberikan satu rahmat besar dalam idup, hahahah... and also time for myself to do whatever i have to do, so that i am not far leaving behind... have to catch up all the 'medical stuff' that i had learned before the next monday come, cause there will be another things to learn... think positive, so that life become mOre interesting than what we had been trough in the real life...

very the serabut one.. hehehehe...

i'm thinking positive rite now!!! hahaha
ed (life is not a nightmare until you think it is!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day of lecture

baru je 1st day p kuliah, but there is a lot of tasks to do..anatomy+physiology+histology..pheewww!! our class start at 700am til 400pm everyday.. no time to rest and also watching movie.. sob3...if i can draw my feelings in a mind map now, there will be lots of cabang(s). happy(sket2), blurrr, stress, excited, malas, geram, x sabar nak balik umah, n bla..bla... can u imagine, we came to class at 7 today, but the lecturer came at 8?? huhuh, sia2 berusaha bangun pagi.. here is some blurr faces, seyes tatau nak buat ape...
p/s : if u guys perasan, ade satu face yg slalu ade kt my pic..the girl in white+purple baju kurung, actually she paid me to b in my blog!!!! wakakakakkakak!!!! camera lover!! juz jokin cik ABIR..hehehe...

later, i update some post.. hopefully i rajin, coz my schedule is sooOoo dem padat!! hehehe... kene blaja, harus blaja, it is a MUST!!! da, da, p blaja, ape neh bace blog lg... weeee~


Sunday, August 24, 2008

sem 3!!!!

alhamdulillah :). pejam celik pejam celik, skg da masuk sem 3 da.o yeah!! 4 more years to go... after that graduate, and last but not least get married!!! hahaha...everybody's dream (sape yg ckp tak tu better re-think about that!! hehe)...tonight i just sit in front of my laptop, watch movie and also thinking about what gonna happen tomorrow.. hmmm, mcm x perlu kan?? hehehe, better enjoy the last day of my holiday.. later da kene stat blaja.. owh, amatlah malas.. wink wink.. here the syllabus for this sem... i just read that and it scared me to death!!!

1. Bahasa Indonesia (i don't think this is necessary, sigh)
2. Struktur dan Fungsi Tubuh Umum
3. Nyeri dan Perubahan Suhu
i - Perubahan Fungsi Saraf
ii - Perubahan Fungsi THT
iii - Perubahan Fungsi Mata (grrrr... grrr...)
4. History Taking (my favourite, hehehe, bleh lepak2 kat luar)
5. Perubahan Fungsi Respirasi, Sirkulasi, dan Saluran Kemih
6. Perubahan Fungsi Hepato-Gastro-Intestinal dan Perubahan Hematologis
7. Perubahan Fungsi Seks dan Reproduksi dan Perubahan pada Kulit
8. Kedaruratan Medik Pra-Hospital
9. Pengantar Klinik : Radiologi Dasar, Ilmu Bedah Dasar, Onkologi dasar

phhheeewwww....thinking??? haihhhhh....


Thursday, August 21, 2008

sweet memories

yesterday, kemas2 my laptop..
move movies to external..
change this and that...
defrag, scan, install and uninstall...
so rase clear sket laptop...
then i found few pics..
teringat plak zaman mude2 dlu...

primary school, x igt mase darjah brp.. hehe
mrsm jeli...miss ah:)
graduation day 05 : cemas, pna, me n inn (from left)
sktm reunion kat bukit keluang
time matrik h3p1, tp x smua ni..

lastly me n tpah dearie!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

d' crazy mazy tuesday nite!

part 1 [excited+happy]
my very 1st day going to the new gym near my house..
saje nak try n xcercise sket..
it was fun seriously..
do this do that!! o yeah!!!!

here we go!!!
sarah, shamsiah n me=)
credit to sue.. haha, messy gler!!

part 2 [the amazing race MALANG(TARm)] WTH???

after aerobic, sarah n i decided to sleep at abir's we go.kununnya, to give them(abir n alyaa) support for their upcoming OSPEK(orientasi for new stud, they join this year because they came here late last year, not MENGULANG yeh, i repeat they are not MENGULANG:D) tomorrow.suraya x join because she is not feeling well.then, of course la when a girl meet her 'clique', chit chatting, gossipin n makan2, heheh, actually sarah and i je yg semangat, they all both doing the ospek kami yang baik hati ni tengok and also help them ape yg boleh.later abir got a msg told that her family can't find 'BISKUAT stroberi'(actually it is biskut tiger perisa strawberi).adeiiii. all single thing in ospek is important maa.once you do not have that stupid thing, banyaklah denda yg dorg kene buat and submit a day later.huhu, nak dijadikan cerita after that, abir, sarah and i went to all the nearest store to find that biscuit. we go all around malang, seriously cam TARm, rushing gle, we walk, run, jog, kind of all that stuff.then stopped at the pit stop, hahah, in this case, all the kedai2 la is the pit stop. cikampek, dinoyo, sigura2, rampal, soehat, all beb. but seriously #$#%&!!! smua xde. haihh... i dont know la how come the ajk told the new stud to find that biscuit walaupun mende tu mmg dah xde lam stock da??? huhuh, not smart enough la. think of the junior too. it is not fun!! ok. it is just....... ko pikir la sendiri.. huh, a v v v long night.never thought to do this...


Monday, August 18, 2008

start all over again!

this is my very first post after i closed my old blogspot account..
now here i come again!! miss ah, seriously. dats why tonight, i makeup2 my new blog and tadaaa!!
kerennn...hahahha...hope i rajin updating coz i really2 love blogging... it's like we let it all out and releasing all the feeling, x kiralah mcm mane the feeling is.. hehe.. new life, new spirit, new blog, all brand new lah kesimpulannya. let start all over ppl!!!



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