Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day of lecture

baru je 1st day p kuliah, but there is a lot of tasks to do..anatomy+physiology+histology..pheewww!! our class start at 700am til 400pm everyday.. no time to rest and also watching movie.. sob3...if i can draw my feelings in a mind map now, there will be lots of cabang(s). happy(sket2), blurrr, stress, excited, malas, geram, x sabar nak balik umah, n bla..bla... can u imagine, we came to class at 7 today, but the lecturer came at 8?? huhuh, sia2 berusaha bangun pagi.. here is some blurr faces, seyes tatau nak buat ape...
p/s : if u guys perasan, ade satu face yg slalu ade kt my pic..the girl in white+purple baju kurung, actually she paid me to b in my blog!!!! wakakakakkakak!!!! camera lover!! juz jokin cik ABIR..hehehe...

later, i update some post.. hopefully i rajin, coz my schedule is sooOoo dem padat!! hehehe... kene blaja, harus blaja, it is a MUST!!! da, da, p blaja, ape neh bace blog lg... weeee~




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