Wednesday, August 20, 2008

d' crazy mazy tuesday nite!

part 1 [excited+happy]
my very 1st day going to the new gym near my house..
saje nak try n xcercise sket..
it was fun seriously..
do this do that!! o yeah!!!!

here we go!!!
sarah, shamsiah n me=)
credit to sue.. haha, messy gler!!

part 2 [the amazing race MALANG(TARm)] WTH???

after aerobic, sarah n i decided to sleep at abir's we go.kununnya, to give them(abir n alyaa) support for their upcoming OSPEK(orientasi for new stud, they join this year because they came here late last year, not MENGULANG yeh, i repeat they are not MENGULANG:D) tomorrow.suraya x join because she is not feeling well.then, of course la when a girl meet her 'clique', chit chatting, gossipin n makan2, heheh, actually sarah and i je yg semangat, they all both doing the ospek kami yang baik hati ni tengok and also help them ape yg boleh.later abir got a msg told that her family can't find 'BISKUAT stroberi'(actually it is biskut tiger perisa strawberi).adeiiii. all single thing in ospek is important maa.once you do not have that stupid thing, banyaklah denda yg dorg kene buat and submit a day later.huhu, nak dijadikan cerita after that, abir, sarah and i went to all the nearest store to find that biscuit. we go all around malang, seriously cam TARm, rushing gle, we walk, run, jog, kind of all that stuff.then stopped at the pit stop, hahah, in this case, all the kedai2 la is the pit stop. cikampek, dinoyo, sigura2, rampal, soehat, all beb. but seriously #$#%&!!! smua xde. haihh... i dont know la how come the ajk told the new stud to find that biscuit walaupun mende tu mmg dah xde lam stock da??? huhuh, not smart enough la. think of the junior too. it is not fun!! ok. it is just....... ko pikir la sendiri.. huh, a v v v long night.never thought to do this...



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