Saturday, September 6, 2008

6th day of ramadhan :)

yuhuu, dah almost a week we puasa (credit to kas n bdak kecik Poo, coz puasa dengan jayanya :D)!! yeah, 3 more weeks to go and then RAYE!! d day that all the ppl waiting for. specially US, coz last year we all x balik and it soOo damn x best. can't wait for d day to come..heheh.. tadi, we berbukak puasa together. fully sponsored by kedubes jakarta. i dun even know who was coming, coz that time food really made my mind blank. tuuut~~ almaklumla, makan free, lapa plak tuh.. hahahah.. the best time ever, seriously. cause now we dont have time to lepak2 like that again. sooOo damn bz.. here is some pics + xtra pics :P.. sory la if my page dah jadi cam fotopages da.. hahah... ske ati ak la kan?? hik3...

eating time, burrpp!! [part1]
[part 2]
kunun cute :P hahaha
shadow of d day, US!!
friendster connecting people, our version.. wee~
saye amek gmba neh...
yeay!! end of pic..




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