Saturday, September 13, 2008

another makan FREE!! nyum nyum~

majlis berbuka puasa for my batch. really2 loved the moment. everybody gather together, eat together also cook together. wah wah wah. the majlis was held at hafiz's house. most of us came. thx gurls for the super duper delicious and yummy dishes, and also boys for the ayam bakar (which is also seeedaaaapppp:D)

eating time!!!!!!!
after kenyang, chit chating and gossiping.. hehehe:D
not to forget : shamsiah bday!! yeah.. i prefer u with the mask :P
last but not least : my batch 07
(actually x complete lagi ni)

p/s : i was PEMERHATI that nite, heheheh!! explain y my face is not in any of the picture.. isk3.. thx everyone for coming (walopon bukan umah sye, tp nak ckp gk)..hehehe.. also thx to hafiz n alya for ur hardwork and support. gracias!!




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