Sunday, September 7, 2008

i love u guys so dem much!!

can't stop smiling rite now..
after heard a v v v v gud news from sarah...
i'm so dem happy..
miracle of eid ramadhan...
actually i learned a lot today.. its all about life, our ibadah, and etc.. and also thinking about what hazirah said during solat zohor... sometimes i need agama nye ceramah, coz i think i kenkadang lalai, forget about this and that, so if ade something cam gini, i kind of sedar and not to jauh menyimpang+lalai ngan dunia... and not to forget, this month which is ramadhan is soo special.. do as much as u can in ur ibadah, and always think that everyday is lailatul qadar... so you will not gonna miss the day, which is ur ibadah akan dilipat gandakan pahala... insyaALLAH...

also to my batchmates, i love u guys so dem much.. no words can explain the feeling.. we just whhhoooaaaa d world and make ppl realized about a lot of things.. i'm so proud of you!!! no matter what will happen, i always gonna be at your side... to my seniors also, you guys rocks!! thx for all the support, and i hope we will be like this forever!! save the juniors, save the world!! hahahah :D




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