Sunday, September 21, 2008

swing mood~

kengkadang rse hepi.. so i do SMILE...
kengkadang rse sedih.. so i do CRY (lately, i always feel sad)
i feel bad for myself. i can't handle this anymore..
and i blamed the situation. i hate to be there. i juz hate it..
situation where u stuck in the middle,
and never ever found the way out..
so what i do now, is make myself comfort for whatever things that had happened...
i am not talking about it as long as i do feel comfort.. i rather shut my mouth than say a word, that also make me feel sad and want to cry.. pelik kan?? i also dont know why.. this ramadhan, my hidup is so kelam kabut, so many dugaan, n so so many cobaan.. Ya ALLAH, Kau tabahkanlah hati hamba-Mu ini, amin.. only one thing in my head rite now, which is going back!! home sweet home cure everything.. i wish i..................

me rite now : trying to accept the situation, and ignore things that menyakitkan hati and also think a lot about this coming hari raya




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