Sunday, November 30, 2008

House MD season 5

oh pleeeassseee.. nak tengok... wawawawa~ internet here so dem lambat.. nak download pun gle nye ssah.. haissshhh.. kene tunggu balik rumah la nmpknye.. huhu, seriously sangat2 nak tengok.. sape yg ade cd, pinjamkan saye bleh??? plizz..plizzz..plizz... walaupun hidup saye agak kelam kabut skang, tapi saye tetap nak tengok.. huhuh~ ade kaitan ke?? lol =P ceknad said that this is the final season.. isk3.. amat-amat sedih kalo x tengok skang.. sob3x...

p/s : a lil bit worried bout my life rite now. sgt2 kelam kabut. can't manage my time well. gym (2 hours per day), blaja (less than berpoye-poye), makan (amatlah selalu), main internet (most of d time). huh?? amek medic ke ape ni?? i have to tke my life more seriously, so MADIHAH kurangkan ape yang patut, belajar and start counting ur days for holiday~ yeah2!!!! -16 jan 09, home sweet home-


Thursday, November 27, 2008

a new move

huhu, just changing my blog skin..
what do you think?? *worried*
huhu, tolong ABAIKAN gmba perempuan di atas..
hahaha.. i juz love dis skin.. cam tengok sekali dah terus nak..
but tu la.. i x brape prefer the woman pic tu je.. but overall nice...
kan?? kan?? kan?? hope u like it too..
coz it hard for me to find xml nye skin..
classic nye berlambak but yer la, lack of features plak..
before this i used d classic one. dats y no comment, older post to view and etc..
nak buat skin sendiri masih belum mampu saye..
hehehe, so enjoy dis blog as u ejoyed it before, nothing changed juz d skin..


Monday, November 24, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11

yuhuu, juz finished watching ANTM cycle 11 finale. frustrated a lil bit. i want analeigh to win.. overall okla.. credit to tyra!!! semua cycle ade their own theme.. so that ppl x boring watch the series.. and the winner is...

WINNER : McKey (19 y.o)

1st runner up : Samantha (18 y.o)

2nd runner up : Analeigh (19 y.o)

tidakkah mereka cun?? hehehhe~if u x tengok lagi, do watch it.. x rugi pon..


Sunday, November 23, 2008

which one do u prefer??

thinking of to change my blogskin..
which one do u prefer??
the older one or dis new skin??
blurr blurr blurr
kalau rjn nnti saye tuka..


Saturday, November 22, 2008

saye begini kamu bagaimana??

a simple is all about is always about me..sgt mengade2 kan? saje mengisi mase lapang yg sebenarnye x brape lapang ni..besok tke my time off to beristirehat before going to Batu tomoro for Thalassemia Camp...i'm going to write things that ppl really do not know about me.. yeh?? kalo da tau pn buat2 tatau la yerr..hahaha..


.:. tadaaaa .:.

1. saye sangatlah cepat menggelabah bile jumpe org. x kiralah sape2 pn. org yg saye suke ke, org yg suke saye ke (ade ke?? lolz~), mak cik jual kuih ke, bapak2 kat rektorat ke, hahha..xcept for my besties..they are d most comfortable ppl i've ever u guys a lot.. (means i tke a lot of time to make myself comfort with ppl surround me, sgt2 lembs)..huhu..

2. easy to forgive but hard to forget..yep, dis one thing that i do want to change.. dah banyak kali try, but i think i am dat kind of person.. i am trying to live with this.. beware ppl!! hahaha *smug*

3. mudah obses dengan something kalau dah start minat. an easy eg, huhu~ bloggin, once i start blogging, ssah mau berenti maa.. ade la dlu, penah stop sekali, terus tutup my blog, kunun azam baru, but rse macam empty plak. so i start all over again.. then tv series.. i really really love tv series.. kalau boleh smua ak nk tgk.. addicted bebeno.. hahah... gg, pbreak, house, heroes, scrubs, greys, one three hill, the oc (dlu2), private practise, 30 rocks, 8 simple rules, ANTM, survivor, TARA n TAR n etc etc..

4. a family type person. wateva it is family come 1st. love to hangout with them, chit chatting, gossiping, watching tv, and smua. they are my soulmates. when it comes to holiday i will spend as much time as i can with them. best time i ever had in my life..

5. not a gud decision maker.. yep, i am.. even in my study course pun my dad yg choose.. actually aku minat things about computer, then my dad said 'x payahla jue n ya pun amek mende yang same', then i pun tkr la to engineering, wish for chemical engineering, go to utp, bla2, again 'NO', heartbroken.. isk3, lastly, his choice - medic, but i will never ever blame him. smua yg berlaku ade hikmahnye..1st mmg x brpe minat but then okla, kind of interesting.. parent know d best rite??

6. daily feed. i do read PEREZ HILTON every morning :P. macam x lengkap je idup if x bace hollywood nye gossip. hahaha. habit oredi.

7. BOROS. hmmm, not really. but i LOVE shoppin. hahah, heaven beb.. go to the mall pick what u want.. then begging ur siblings to pay.. hahaha.. ni trick je ni.. tp dorg dah tau dah.. itulah keistimewaan shoppin with ur siblings.. no need to kluakan ur money..they will pay for u.. buat2 muke kesian sket.. hehehe :D, thx my dear sis..semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan boleh belanja ak lagi~this sentence alwiz ade when i wish them for their bday!! hahah

hmm, dah blank.. teeettt... tatau nak tls ape dah.. cukup la tu 7.. hehe :D


Friday, November 21, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia 3

last nite was the finale for TARA 3rd season. live on AXN 900pm MSIA :P. i do want to watch, but by then xde time, coz tomoro which means today got test (skin lesion). so test come firstla. heheh :D. akibat terlalu eager nak tau siapa menang, so i juz go to the official website. huhu, hancur lebur hatiku. igtkan ida n tania will win the race. malangnya, Hong Kong team won!!! yeay2~ to them. our team also power ape. always on top 3 in every season. 1st season we won (sabrina n who?? x igt), 2nd season we were at the 2nd place (d Chong sista), so 3rd season, 3rd place lorrr.. gud job gurls!!! i am hoping more for the upcoming season~~

WINNER : Sam and Vince (Hong Kong)

2nd place : Geoff and Tisha (Philippines)

3rd place : Ida and Tania (Malaysian BEBEH) wee~

p/s : test today?? huhu, d best part is aku x bawak pensil case. gle menggelabah. huhuh, ade ke nak xzam x bawak pensil??? kamikaze tahap gaban tuh~ thx to seeva n nisha..hahaha.. peewwittt~


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


trip to jodgjakarta - 4 days 4 nites

huhuh, amatlah penat tapi amatlah best..went there by bus on thursday nite..1st all d ppl gathered at FK, settled all the things then we bergerak~ yeay!! heheh :D..smpai to the villa named The Eden at 700am..all malaysian students gathered here for futsal, bowling and badminton tournament..after dat around 100pm my friends and I went to Depok Sports Center to support our badminton players.. amat-amatlah best.. love it very much.. ak smpai xde suare menyorak!! hoho~just for fun!! then went back to villa, mase tu dah ngantuk gle dah... balik tros tido.. ZzzzZz~

d next day was futsal match. all ppl gathered at Futsal Planet somewhere in jodgja.. i also played.. malangnye kami kalah.. sob3.. but its ok, at least dapatlah kluar dari malang and see other places which is more way better than ours.. hehehe :D.. x banyak sangat amek gmba.. sibuk menyorak.. hahahah... at nite ade dinner with dr junaidi at d villa hall.. not bad at all.. me as usual las makan dengan hebatnye.. huhu~

then sunday came.. time to go back home.. isk3.. before that we planned to go to Candi Borobudur and Malioboro which is tempat membeli belah.. name bukan main pelik lgi.. huhuhh...
here are the pictures of us at dat candi.. msuk lam buku sejarah lagi tau. at last ak jejak jugak kat situ.. sangatlah cantik the view.. green green and green.. sooo nicceee...

the real view of Candi Borobudur

picture of me, picture of u :P

actually esok ade test, ape nak jadi la ngn ak ni, huhu~ doakan saye!!! daaa


Thursday, November 13, 2008

mommy hepi besdei!!!

13 november 1955

hepi bday mom~
u r d best, and always will be..
moga di panjangkan umur dan
dimurahkan rezeki..
dun forget to tell aboh bout dat tuut i told u before..
heheheheh.. im craving for dat~
thanks for everything...

p/s : i'm heading out of malang tonite.. jodjakarta here i come.. off for four days.. dun miss me:P

truly madly deeply
nothing gonna change my love for u~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

juz shut ur mouth!!!

feel like screaming

dush dush dush

situation SUCK!!!!!

think la ppl, think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crazy ppl, crazy life~
soo chaotic!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

amazing footage

try this!!!!!
experience it urself..
can drag wateva u want..
a really really cool thing..
utube pun dah up sket..
do click here :


Thursday, November 6, 2008

another reason to love him

the reason i am chuck bass here is counted. lalala~

huhu. he is Ed Westwick who play Chuck Bass in gossip girl. a really really bad boy!! i think u guys oredi knew dis. but the thing dat u not really know about him is he also a musician. he has a band called The Filthy Youth. british indie band (mcm the stroke sket2). sangat2 lah x sangka. i juz knew it. and d songs not bad at all. juz finished downloading them at myspace. 6 tracks. cool la jugak lagunya. heheh. kind of like it. indie punk rock. their songs also featured in gossip girl season 1. which is "Orange" and "Come Flash All You Ladies."

Quick info about the band :

The Filthy Youth
Was formed in 2006
Members :
Ed Westwick (front man)
Jimmy Wright
Benjamin Lewis
Tom Bastiani
Jon Vooght

Sources : Myspace and Buddytv

u noe u love me

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

friendly match

2007 vs 2008
it was fun
we won!!! yeay!!
was held at tidar, if im not mistaken :D
i just ikut je dorg p memane..hehe..
it was fun.. i did enjoy d moment..
n when it came to d evaluation moment..
huhu d coach said dat :
madihah i rase u ni x stabil la, cuba balance kan diri..

stop d ball 1st n then kick.. u always like nak jatuh tau :))

i noe.. i noe..
but bila game yg guna kaki ni ak cam ngok ngek sket...
dun wory, i'll try to improve my skills.. hahahha...

team mates
striker : me n suraya

midfield : hanis, abir, alyaa, bannu n jesspret

defender : shemort, ros, poo, sarah

goal keeper : meei meei n kas

hope for a better tomorrow~

Monday, November 3, 2008

suke suke

saye x boleh tidur..
nak blaja tapi malas..
so main2 pc..
n suraya just gave me dis picta..
cute kan?? hahaha...
sebab ade kami la gmba tu jadi cute..
muahahahah... saje je ni...
sangatla suke gmba ni.. huhu..

missing something~

Sunday, November 2, 2008

diwali nite :)

was held at jarot n d geng house..
sangat2 best, speselli d food.. nyum2~
feel like home sket..
kalo x manela nk jumpe kari mcm tu kt sni.. hehe..
thx a lot guys..
hopefully tahun depan ade lgi.. ngeee~

p/s : saye makan amatlah banyak. burrppp!!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

morning excercise + futsal training

dis morning got futsal training at 630 am. as usual i woke up late. weekend bebeh. susah untuk saye bangun awal. hehehe. then dgn x mandinya saye bergegas ke sana, already late that time. 8.00am maaa... hahaha.. sorry bos!! bangun lambat.. after that skipping kejap.. my part time job mase matrik dlu, really miss to do this specially with tipah :P.. dis picta is taken by cik suraya yang xde kerja.. explain the shoes nye pic.. hahaha~

pics during training. taken by cik sarah. huhu. kami bukan saje2 train. kalo x, mmg xde nye kteorg nak g main memalam neh.. huhu.. ni untuk game kat yogyakarta nanti. yogyakarta here we come. training training and training!! thx to our coach : encik ganesan, hahah, hafiz also..

p/s : saye hanye saje2 bermain. bkan sbb pro atau tidak, yang paling penting jalan2 free tu.. hahaha.. dats y la ak join masuk futsal.. teman cik suraya ni pergi and support our team also.. kalo x main kene support sendiri :(



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