Friday, November 21, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia 3

last nite was the finale for TARA 3rd season. live on AXN 900pm MSIA :P. i do want to watch, but by then xde time, coz tomoro which means today got test (skin lesion). so test come firstla. heheh :D. akibat terlalu eager nak tau siapa menang, so i juz go to the official website. huhu, hancur lebur hatiku. igtkan ida n tania will win the race. malangnya, Hong Kong team won!!! yeay2~ to them. our team also power ape. always on top 3 in every season. 1st season we won (sabrina n who?? x igt), 2nd season we were at the 2nd place (d Chong sista), so 3rd season, 3rd place lorrr.. gud job gurls!!! i am hoping more for the upcoming season~~

WINNER : Sam and Vince (Hong Kong)

2nd place : Geoff and Tisha (Philippines)

3rd place : Ida and Tania (Malaysian BEBEH) wee~

p/s : test today?? huhu, d best part is aku x bawak pensil case. gle menggelabah. huhuh, ade ke nak xzam x bawak pensil??? kamikaze tahap gaban tuh~ thx to seeva n nisha..hahaha.. peewwittt~




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