Thursday, November 6, 2008

another reason to love him

the reason i am chuck bass here is counted. lalala~

huhu. he is Ed Westwick who play Chuck Bass in gossip girl. a really really bad boy!! i think u guys oredi knew dis. but the thing dat u not really know about him is he also a musician. he has a band called The Filthy Youth. british indie band (mcm the stroke sket2). sangat2 lah x sangka. i juz knew it. and d songs not bad at all. juz finished downloading them at myspace. 6 tracks. cool la jugak lagunya. heheh. kind of like it. indie punk rock. their songs also featured in gossip girl season 1. which is "Orange" and "Come Flash All You Ladies."

Quick info about the band :

The Filthy Youth
Was formed in 2006
Members :
Ed Westwick (front man)
Jimmy Wright
Benjamin Lewis
Tom Bastiani
Jon Vooght

Sources : Myspace and Buddytv

u noe u love me



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