Wednesday, November 19, 2008


trip to jodgjakarta - 4 days 4 nites

huhuh, amatlah penat tapi amatlah best..went there by bus on thursday nite..1st all d ppl gathered at FK, settled all the things then we bergerak~ yeay!! heheh :D..smpai to the villa named The Eden at 700am..all malaysian students gathered here for futsal, bowling and badminton tournament..after dat around 100pm my friends and I went to Depok Sports Center to support our badminton players.. amat-amatlah best.. love it very much.. ak smpai xde suare menyorak!! hoho~just for fun!! then went back to villa, mase tu dah ngantuk gle dah... balik tros tido.. ZzzzZz~

d next day was futsal match. all ppl gathered at Futsal Planet somewhere in jodgja.. i also played.. malangnye kami kalah.. sob3.. but its ok, at least dapatlah kluar dari malang and see other places which is more way better than ours.. hehehe :D.. x banyak sangat amek gmba.. sibuk menyorak.. hahahah... at nite ade dinner with dr junaidi at d villa hall.. not bad at all.. me as usual las makan dengan hebatnye.. huhu~

then sunday came.. time to go back home.. isk3.. before that we planned to go to Candi Borobudur and Malioboro which is tempat membeli belah.. name bukan main pelik lgi.. huhuhh...
here are the pictures of us at dat candi.. msuk lam buku sejarah lagi tau. at last ak jejak jugak kat situ.. sangatlah cantik the view.. green green and green.. sooo nicceee...

the real view of Candi Borobudur

picture of me, picture of u :P

actually esok ade test, ape nak jadi la ngn ak ni, huhu~ doakan saye!!! daaa




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