Saturday, November 22, 2008

saye begini kamu bagaimana??

a simple is all about is always about me..sgt mengade2 kan? saje mengisi mase lapang yg sebenarnye x brape lapang ni..besok tke my time off to beristirehat before going to Batu tomoro for Thalassemia Camp...i'm going to write things that ppl really do not know about me.. yeh?? kalo da tau pn buat2 tatau la yerr..hahaha..


.:. tadaaaa .:.

1. saye sangatlah cepat menggelabah bile jumpe org. x kiralah sape2 pn. org yg saye suke ke, org yg suke saye ke (ade ke?? lolz~), mak cik jual kuih ke, bapak2 kat rektorat ke, hahha..xcept for my besties..they are d most comfortable ppl i've ever u guys a lot.. (means i tke a lot of time to make myself comfort with ppl surround me, sgt2 lembs)..huhu..

2. easy to forgive but hard to forget..yep, dis one thing that i do want to change.. dah banyak kali try, but i think i am dat kind of person.. i am trying to live with this.. beware ppl!! hahaha *smug*

3. mudah obses dengan something kalau dah start minat. an easy eg, huhu~ bloggin, once i start blogging, ssah mau berenti maa.. ade la dlu, penah stop sekali, terus tutup my blog, kunun azam baru, but rse macam empty plak. so i start all over again.. then tv series.. i really really love tv series.. kalau boleh smua ak nk tgk.. addicted bebeno.. hahah... gg, pbreak, house, heroes, scrubs, greys, one three hill, the oc (dlu2), private practise, 30 rocks, 8 simple rules, ANTM, survivor, TARA n TAR n etc etc..

4. a family type person. wateva it is family come 1st. love to hangout with them, chit chatting, gossiping, watching tv, and smua. they are my soulmates. when it comes to holiday i will spend as much time as i can with them. best time i ever had in my life..

5. not a gud decision maker.. yep, i am.. even in my study course pun my dad yg choose.. actually aku minat things about computer, then my dad said 'x payahla jue n ya pun amek mende yang same', then i pun tkr la to engineering, wish for chemical engineering, go to utp, bla2, again 'NO', heartbroken.. isk3, lastly, his choice - medic, but i will never ever blame him. smua yg berlaku ade hikmahnye..1st mmg x brpe minat but then okla, kind of interesting.. parent know d best rite??

6. daily feed. i do read PEREZ HILTON every morning :P. macam x lengkap je idup if x bace hollywood nye gossip. hahaha. habit oredi.

7. BOROS. hmmm, not really. but i LOVE shoppin. hahah, heaven beb.. go to the mall pick what u want.. then begging ur siblings to pay.. hahaha.. ni trick je ni.. tp dorg dah tau dah.. itulah keistimewaan shoppin with ur siblings.. no need to kluakan ur money..they will pay for u.. buat2 muke kesian sket.. hehehe :D, thx my dear sis..semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan boleh belanja ak lagi~this sentence alwiz ade when i wish them for their bday!! hahah

hmm, dah blank.. teeettt... tatau nak tls ape dah.. cukup la tu 7.. hehe :D




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