Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Annual Grand Dinner 08

Date : 29 November 2008
Place : Hotel Gadjahmada Graha, Malang
Time : 1300 til 1600 (election), 1800 til midnite (dinner)
Description : Annually Malaysian Student in Indonesia gathering. besides makan2 free, also have election for the ketua, and all the ajk-ajk(s). hehe :D
My View : me?? makan2 free is always my favorite. overall ok (credit to all the ajk(s)), the food was nice, the girls were really2 cun melecun dat nite, seriously. the boys also, handsome-est. hehe. i just enjoyed myself during the majlis and spent quality time with my BFF. love to see all malaysian gathered and jumpe semua my bz-iest senior which is oredi at d hospital. feel like home sket. juniors nye persembahan : not bad at all. the lakonan was very nice. i keep laughing again and again. smiley wiley. hehe :D

the majlis : rajavel and nisha (emcee)

my batchmates

ifah, komala, me and suraya

celebrity strike pose. yeah!! we do good at this =)

my baju during dat nite - credit to d tukang jahit

peace ppl

2 post entry in a day. sangat bersemangat la puleeekk. hehe




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