Sunday, December 14, 2008

quick update!!

gossip girl season 2 episode 14

coming out dis JANUARY 5th. yep, january. next year tu beb, hehe =D (bcoz of christmas n bla2, so the series will be hold until january). isk3. i just can't wait. lots of guessing. not by me but others (kipas susah mati = die hard fan) of gg.

- their thoughts -
what is mean by 'cat out of the bag'??
why serena said 'OMG' la ??
is chuck gonna die (ini x leh blah btol) hahah *rolling on d floor*
is he gonna pralyzed la
who is rufus n lily son or daughter la
sape pompuan 1st yg klua mse promo tu la
macam jenny je yg dance la ..
n bla bla bla
kagum dengan mereka yg ade potensi nk jadi co writer
hahahahhahahahha :))
*feel free to guess* nak tambah list di sni pun bley =P

let just wait n see what will happen next
as long as chuck hidup ok la tu, rite?? *evil laugh*



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