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here is d official trailer for twilight. u have to watch this. its a must =)

10 Things Twilight Teaches Teenage Boys About Teenage Girls

Girls Like Boys Who Ignore Them

When Edward first sees Bella in class, he stiffens up like he’s smelled a dead skunk and avoids her like the plague. Days go by and he doesn’t return to class, but she searches for him every day. Finally, when he does come back, he alternates between being nice to her, and telling her she shouldn’t be friends with him. It ends up driving Bella nuts, which is maybe what he wanted all along. Next time you see a girl you’re interested in, make sure she catches your eye, then act like she repulses you and you should be well on your way.

Girls Like Boys Who Are Mysterious

It’s important to maintain an air of mystery about yourself, and not come in all blundering like cheerful dork Mike Newton in the movie. The guy is an open book, and as a result Bella is bored by him. The only thing that catches her fancy at the new school is the bunch of aloof, slightly goth students who mosey in with tons of hair product looking like they wandered off the campus of a private school. Don’t let people know about your past, sulk around, and randomly break off during conversations and walk away. You’ll be a man of mystery.

Girls Like Boys Who Talk About Their Feelings

While you can’t come out and do this right away, because then you violate the rule of first ignoring the girl, eventually you have to pony up and spill your secrets. Although the key is being mysterious for period of time during which you’re doing all of the “reeling in” work. In order to keep that girl you’re going to have to let her know your big secret, and make her feel like she’s the only one in the world who knows it. Of course, it helps if the secret is that you’re a hundred years old and a vampire, but the fact that you used to wet the bed until you were 10 might work as well. The key is to just open up at some point and confide in her, without seeming like a whiner.

Girls Like Boys With Hair Product

Have you even seen Edward's hair in Twilight? Seriously, it’s ridiculous. He looks like the lovechild of James Dean and Elvis, and he has to spend at least an hour getting the ‘do ready for school every day, although we never get to see how he preps it. Do vampires also get the gift of extremely well-coiffed hair? And he’s not the only one, his vampy brethren all have hair that looks like it came out of one of those books you see in the waiting areas of hair salons. The sort of hair catalogues you’re meant to pick your next look out of. Robert Pattinson fans call it 'sex hair', which either means it’s sexy hair, or it’s what your hair looks like after sex. Either way, pick up some product and start working on your locks.

Girls Stammer Around Boys They’re Interested In

If you’re looking for one of the signs that she’s really into you, this is a good one. If she can barely get through a sentence when she’s talking to you, then she wants you. Either that or she might be grammatically challenged, but let’s keep hope alive and assume that she’s just nervous. When Edward finally starts talking to Bella she sounds like Woody Allen, and you’ll need to look for those same tongue-tied signs. Besides staring at you constantly, the tangled tongue is about the only other visual cue you’ll get that she’s into you.

Girls Want Sex Just As Much As Boys Do

This one shatters an age-old myth that guys just want to get in girls’ pants. Let me tell you, girls want to get in your pants just as badly. Bella definitely tries to put the moves on Edward, and she pursues him a lot harder than he pursues her. There’s no discussion about waiting for an appropriate time or making sure the moment is extra special. No, she just wants to get him out of those clothes and get busy. Not to say that Bella’s a slut, because she’s actually a pretty chaste girl. But she definitely wouldn’t mind getting Edward in the sack for some extra-curricular activities.

me : errrr???

Girls Like Boys Who Can Resist The Urge

Whether that urge is to suck your blood or go all the way in bed, girls love a guy with self-restraint, and it also goes back to the whole “ignore her and it’ll drive her crazy” tip near the top of this list. Edward and Bella have one fairly intense makeout scene in this movie. They’re up in Bella’s bed, and she’s in her panties. Things get hot and heavy and suddenly Edward flies backwards and slams into the wall. He knows he has to be careful with her or he’ll probably tear her to shreds. Instead of getting naked and going for it, he just lays next to her and watches her sleep.

Girls Like Boys Who Can Play The Piano

Although you’d hope that could work for just about any instrument, I don’t know if you’re going to be able to reel them in with the French Horn or the Oboe. Was Kenny G. ever a chick magnet? Stick with the basics, like a guitar or the piano. Edward plays a tune for Bella, and according to my book-obsessed Twilight friends, he actually writes a song for her later in the series. Which of course would drive any girl nuts. Still, the piano makes you look sensitive and it’s less phallic of an instrument than a guitar. It’ll make you look moody, adds more mystery, and it is like kryptonite to a girl’s heart.

Girls Like Bad Boys

For years girls have been loving the archetype of the rebel, the guy who hangs out by himself, sports tattoos, rides a motorcycle, gets in trouble every now and then. Well, there’s nothing badder than a guy who could potentially kill you for lunch, and who has to constantly put himself through physical pain by resisting the urge to open up your jugular as your blood sings to him. Outwardly the vampires in Twilight just have pale skin and sparkle like diamonds when they’re in the full sunlight, but inside they’re a raging storm of emotions. While you might not be able to become a vampire, just talk back to a teacher or consider that tattoo you’ve always wanted. It’ll work roughly the same magic.

me : yep2 me also, i love bad boys, chuck chuck n chuck =P

Girls Like Boys Who Play Sports

Even if you’re an immortal being that survives on the blood of others, girls will still dig it if you can hit those balls into deep center field. There’s a fairly ridiculous moment in Twilight where a huge thunderstorm gives the vampires a chance to play baseball, since the thunder masks the sound when they pound the ball. They invite Bella to tag along and you can see how excited she gets when Edward makes a spectacular catch. It’s not exactly as romantic as sitting in the stands and watch your man make a free throw or break free for a touchdown, but it’s as close as Bella can get, and she loves it. So take something up, even if it’s kickball.

me : sports + boys = cool, rite??

Quick info about Robert Pattinson

he also play a role in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

handsome handsome, saye suke. weee~

Robert in Harry Potter (play as : Cedric Diggory)

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