Saturday, January 31, 2009

prison break

awesome series. for me d best seasons are season 2 and 4. season 3 lebih kurang cam season 2 (but me still tachycardia, as always). breaking out, sona, james whistler and all the things just sama je. but org yg keluar je lain. hehe. but the BRAIN still mr scofield la of coz.

.season 4 review.

love this season. u guys must watch it. sangat2 bagus. walaupon terlambat review sket, xpelakan. hehe. its all about scyla (the company little black book). scofield here sgtlah bijak. no doubt. rolland (the hacker). i really love his character. org bijak computer ni saye sgtlah kagum. pastu sara tancredi, come back from death. lincoln, sucre, alex, T-bag, bellick are all great. and now i heard that FOX entertaiment want to end the series. and its TRUE. isk3. they said 'enough running'. hello, they r not really running actually. haha. not all the seasons i mean. biar la kan?? so this is the final season. season 4 is the final season. the last episode will b air on the 17th of april 2009. so same-samela kite tunggu *wink wink*



Fayadh said...

aku minat gila prison break.


huhu.ak pon.
sgt2 best.


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