Thursday, February 5, 2009

a perfect boyfriend?maybe

the rules are :
Use a search engine to search the answers to the questions. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 other people.
1. I am a
i am me.not a 'something'.hehe =D
my life is still being written.

2. I want to go here
where where n where?huhu.
  • mecca
  • europe (where ever place dat have snow)
3. Favourite place = 11. Live in

home sweet home
no place like home. weeee~

4. Favourite colour

pink and black
dominant : pink

5. Favourite food
= 6. Favourite drink
  • my mom's cook kot. no picta.
  • carrot juice.
7. My school

skul of rOx
Mrsm Jeli
Beriman Berilmu Beramal.ho yeah!!!

8. Favourite story

or series or movies. bleh kan cik qilah? hehe =D
  • prison break
  • juno
  • my best friend's wedding
  • gossip girl
9. Born in
July, 1988
sorry not using search engine
*brain's working wat? haha*

10. My hobby
  • watching tv (terlalu obses speselli ble ade org ensem belakon)
  • shopping (wit frens n sis)
  • sleeping
  • etc etc etc.
12. I wish for a

hmm.wish for a perfect boyfriend.bleh?
face n perangai like ed westwick.
body like robert pattinson.
voice like J timberlake.
can a?haha.

thx to cik qilah.saye bleh dpt full mark neh.haha.


qishie qawaii said... harapan fail kot..huhuhu..xpon - marks...

Fayadh said...

gila la taste ko sampai camtuh skali.haha


me to qilah : -ve? aiyoo.. hahaha. saye berusahe menjawab =D

me to fayadh : well (^-*).haha


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