Friday, April 17, 2009

twitter anyone?

new social networking service. (2006)
so not really new act. hehe =D. tpi gile famous skg.
come 3rd after Facebook and Myspace.
Facebook is the largest one. FUYOOO!
just update ur recent activity and let all ur followers know.
that is how u stay connected with ur friends
and always know what they are doing.
using website, app in ur phone, and also via sms.
i'm kind of new to this, so not really know la. huhu.
want to know more? google it urself. wakakaka.
byk hollywood celebrities yg ada lam twitter.
mr n mrs kutcher (ini saye suke), britney, kim kadharsian n many more.
so fun la jgk. we know what they do n bla2.
jom join!!!! weee~

They calls T.W.I.T.T.E.R :

The New York Times "One of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet"
TIME Magazine "Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app"
Newsweek "Suddenly, it seems as though all the world's a-twitter"

what about you guys, what will you think??? huhu.




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