Saturday, May 30, 2009

tamat sudah

both series are awesome! sgt2 best. saye sgt2 suke. haha.
prison break is officially over. season 4 is the last season for d series.
my view : cerita yg sgt bagus. script yg bijak. pelakon yg ensem. haha.
gossip girl plak dah habis season 2. so now, dah xde series nak tengok :(
movie? pjg sgt. x larat nak tgk. can't wait for d new season. bila ntah.
ending tuk season 2 is my favourite part. happy ending. chuck n blair.
aku rase smua org suke neh. hehe. k la, dah tatau nk tls ape. chow!


Friday, May 29, 2009

spot the difference

same ke lain?
what do u think?
thx to mak andam. hahahha :))

p/s : hari yang sibuk. saye sgt penat.


date with my BFF

exam dah habis. alhamdulillah.
bosan kat umah. so we went out to MOG.
BFF date! huhu. we walk-laugh-eat-and-shop.
lame dah x buat part time job neh.
odw balik plak romantik gile.
balik ngn suraya *nek beca*. no comment. haha.

suraya n ifah pikir nk order ape. hee~

y la my face exp like dat? haha.

peace! no WAR ;)


Thursday, May 21, 2009

exam mode

next week exam. DEM!
belum start study lagi :(
ok smua kne off. fesbuk ke twitter ke even blog pn.
off for a while. have to.
after exam i'll update more.
ok. chow cincau~

dermatology, hematology, comm diagnosis n geriatric.

wish me luck. til then. bye2.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new moon

new moon poster had been released.
dis is the official one.
ho yeahhhh. can't waitttt!!!
this coming november.
i'm calling all the fans out there,
'do not forget to watch!'
it's gonna be HUUUGGEEE. wink (*-^)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

no doubt

sudah lame saye tidak mendengar lagu2 lame. eh?
betul. huhu. asyik dgr lagu2 kt radio je, mane xnye.
then last week, dalam gossip girl buat lily nye flashback.
pastu ade plak gig no doubt. hehe ;D
sangat mengembalikan nostalgia lagu dulu2.
hahaha. best! lagu yg featured lam gg - stand and deliver.
ape2 pn lagu lame ttp di hati! wink ;)

p/s I : swine flu kt mesia. semoga kita semua dilindungi oleh-Nya. pakai mask kalau perlu. okies!
p/s II : i'm off to beach with hati yg berkecamuk, resah, gelisah for a day and a night camping. hope blk dr sne nnt semua released. and me balik dengan semangat yg baru! yup. harap2.


Friday, May 15, 2009


mozilla firefox personas.
u can change ur mozilla's skin today!
cool bukan? hahaha ;D
there is also mozilla tabs color. (lain add-ons)
how to do this?
1. go to tools at ur toolbar
2. then click add-ons
3. search for persona
4. after that install the add-ons
5. then pick ur favourite skin
6. TADAAAA ;D dah jadik cun.hehe.

selamat mencuba!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear God

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
Miles away from those I love
Purpose hard to find
While I recall all the words you spoke to me
Can’t help but wish that I was there
Back where I’d love to be, oh yeah

*******Dear God the only thing I ask of you
Is to hold her when I’m not around
When I’m much too far away
We all need that person who can be true to you
But I left her when I found her
And now I wish I’d stayed
‘Cause I’m lonely and I’m tired
I’m missing you again, oh no
Once again

There’s nothing here for me on this barren road
There’s no one here while the city sleeps
And all the shops are closed
Can’t help but think of the times I’ve had with you
Pictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeah


Some search, never finding a way
Before long, they waste away
I found you, something told me to stay
I gave in, to selfish ways
And how I miss someone to hold
When hope begins to fade…

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
Miles away from those I love
Hope is hard to find


p/s : betullah kate org bile dah xde br nk hargai. renung-renungkan. hehe ;D



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

second thought.

is it good or bad?
this 'thing' keeps spinning in my head.
i need an answer asap. tp can't make a decision.

tenangkan jiwa, lapangkan dada.
buatlah keputusan sebaik-baiknye. insyaALLAH.



futsal match. all malaysian gathered.
it was fun. lain kali bleh main lagi. hehe ;D

my batchmates 07.

L - R : suraya, me, poo, sara, ifah, rus, abir, hanis ;)


kami. weeeeeeee~

sekian. beta mau tido. penat, ngantuk. zzzz.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

mama, happy mother's day.
thx for everything.
i love you sooo much.
i dedicate this poem to my mom.
A Thousand Thanks
Author: Joanna Fuchs

Mother's Day brings to mind
The thousands of things you did for me
that helped make me happier,
stronger and wiser,
because I had you as a role model.

I'm grateful for all the times
you healed my hurts
and calmed my fears,
so that I could face the world
feeling safe and secure.

I'm thankful for all you showed me
about how to love and give--
lessons that now bring
so many blessings to me
each and every day.

Your sacrifices and unselfishness
did not go unnoticed, Mom.
I admire you, I respect you,
I love you.
And I'm so glad you're my mother!

Happy Mother's Day!


Friday, May 8, 2009

my upcoming events

baru lepas exam hemato.
alhamdullillah selesai.
dpat jawab ke x blakang kire. hehe ;D
yg penting dah habis. new week new module ;)

8 May 2009 - 1600 bowling kt istana dieng.
9 May 2009 - 0800 badminton match kt sohat.
10 May 2009 - 0800 futsal kt tepi matos, Champion.
11 May 2009 start new module.
16-17 May 2009 camping at balik gambang.
25-29 May 2009 exam. UTS (ujian tengah semester)
---- ni tatau lg yg penting study week n FINAL kt sini ----
3 July 2009 - balik umah. ho yeah. yaa bee daa bee doooo!!!

pas ni nk g bowling. k la nk rest sat. daaa~


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

vein puncture

my very 1st vein puncture.
1st means - bukan doc yg buat ;)
before ni dah penah buat for blood test.

doctor wannabe. hehe

sakit. ksian komala tkot (she's the one who suntik me).
patient tkot, tp doc lg tkot. haha.

2-2 belah tangan gune. 1st blood x kluar, cause saye menggigil and silap masuk (skin je x msk vein). sori komal. haha. 2nd tgn, alhamdulillah, blood kluar. weee~ 3-7 jarum diguna. phew. ade yg x msk la, dah tercontaminate la, n etc2. so, anyone? nak check darah, i boleh draw kan. har har har *evil laugh*


Monday, May 4, 2009

hari ini

tadi sewaktu di kelas diskusi discussion
seperti biasa, kami akan ber'discussion' dengan cepat dan hebatnye.
sbb gle dah malas n malas n malas (ni je d only reason ;)). haha.
my doctor, as usual la, come to class,
then duduk smbil melihat kami berbincang.
saye selalu berharap lec akan explain balik.
tp hampa. harapan tinggal harapan. isk3.
after we had finished our discussion...

lec : r u guys done?
j,p (initial) : yer doc, udah.
lec : ok i'm going home.and u, up to u.
(means what we are going to do next is up to us)

us : *blurr*. mmg pas ni ade expert lec pn. so we hve to stay. (me dalam hati)

erkkkk. bukan nak komplen. hanya nak meratapi naseb diri. isk3. sadis3. baik x yh dtg clas. huk3. . . apalah naseebbb. d u g a a n.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

suke ;)

Fashion Police
Do Only!
sebab title pun suke.
so xde la yg x suke. hahaha.

DO - skirt

DO - jacket + skinny

entry yg sesaje.tgh bosan gle nk mati!



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