Monday, August 17, 2009

cik zatiey, tq v much!!!!

just got this bday card today.
huhu. to my dear friend, thank you vvvvv much.
saya sangat2 terharu. walaupun we've never been together like the old days, (where we used to share the laughter, sweetness and yet bitterness together) deep inside my heart, you still the same person you were years ago, my bestfriend. and also not to forget my neighbourrrrrrrrrrrr. hahahaha. LOVE you always~! BFF. muah muah. thx babe!!!!!!!!!


DatinSeri ♥ said...

hahahhahahah. same2. mmg comey ah aku. mu ata msg td aku tgh tdo dlm blik guru, xingt nak reply. HAHAHAHA


oloh dam lagi. hahahahhaa. xpo2.
bile nk blanjo ak? hahahaha. nti kite tubek yer. jalam2. makam2. tgk pantai. lalalalalala~ thx babe.

ammira azmi said...


zati, mu memg ckgu yg best

aq rs tido lam opis acceptable lg

tido lam bilik guru memg grand r!



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