Sunday, August 16, 2009


last thursday, i went to d hosp. accompany my mom and also check my health status. i have had some mild chest pain for about a week and also been worrying too much. so i decided to go and see a doctor and been diagnosed with costochondritis (inflammation of d cartilage and bones). sounds scary, but it is kind of normal at my age. phew. it is also a harmless condition and normally goes away without any treatment (aku je worry too much padahal xde pape pun. huhu~) i thought the pain has something to do with my rib bones or my any other organ. isk3. risau jugak kan. mana x nya, sentuh sikit pun dah sakit. mula nak auw sane sini. hehe. bila fikir2 balik, betapa ceteknye ilmu yang aku ade. haha. kena belajar lagi. heee. now the pain can easily come and go away. if sakit buat dunno jela or makan panadol. nak buat macam mana dah kan?

p/s : one more week. then back to school. malas.



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