Monday, August 3, 2009

skinny jeans

they said skinny jeans is not healthy? is it true? from what i heard, it will compress the nerves (especially upper legs-thigh). ouch~! yup that is definitely TRUE if you wear it too tight (i think la ;) anything that is too tight will increase the pressure of the nerves. and later on it will lead to numbness, tingling feeling and etc. hoho. baru mau berjinak2 pakai skinny and just bought a new one also. isk3. sadis betol. see the pictures below. cun kan dia pakai? she is Emma Roberts, Julia's niece.

image source : JustJared

p/s : i'm still gonna wear skinny but the one which is not too tight. hehe ;)


Anonymous said...

rituh pon ak dgr.
E! kan>?
pakai sajer!


ammira said...

kalo bole elakkn my dear~

sexy sgt tu

xbaek untk kesehatan

xbaek untuk masa depan yg cerah in the world hereafter jgk

i love u babes

so, i care



@abir : hehe. okies.
@ammira : huhu okies. i'll try. i noe u love me. huhu~ thx babe~!


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