Friday, October 23, 2009

it's complicated.

i'm exhausted. this semester is the tough one for me so far. and now i am trying so damn hard to stabilize and reorganize my life. so many things to deal with (TA, notes berlambaks!, a year more before clerkship - banyak mende nak kena setel di sini *sigh*) 24/7 seems not enough for me. another thing pulak is to deal with my sudden weight gain *sigh sigh* so annoying and uncomfortable la. want to exercise but i don't have time :( sometimes, i feel like nak turn balik time. tak ambil medical course, and enjoying my teenage life like the other uni studs do (x baik pulak menyesali apa yang dah berlaku *sigh sigh sigh*) i am not complaining here, it is just..... hurm... i need help i guess! do HELP ME!

p/s : tengok macam sekarang, nak tidur pun x boleh. tak stabil tak stabil. isk3 *double triple sigh*


SURAYA said...

smangat dong!

ammira azmi said...

dear beloved bestfriend,

take time, pause, think and reflects :)

sure u will truly appreciate life.

we love u babe

jgn tension2

take care :)


@suraya : trimas babe!

@mira : huhu. thx mira. skrg tgh berusaha men'enjoy'kan diri dgn smua kekusutan yg ada. hehe. love u guys jugak :)

miss QIM said...

mkn byk ko d?ak pom makin bulat..2 la,sgt2 bz kte perlu enjoy!hehe..


huhu. xtaula qim. mkn mcm biase je rsnye. tp stil tmbh brt. cet! hehehe. yup2. trying to enjoy this kekusutan as much as i can :)


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