Friday, November 27, 2009

rip mininova

i have to tell you this. so sssaaaaaaaaaaaaddd!!

kpd pendownload tegar,
i just heard the news. mininova is shutting down their site (or in the other word 'limiting' its activities). so sad. feel like arghhhhh now! mana nak cari torrent yang bagus-bagus lagi selain mininova? aissshhhh. been visiting the site everyday. sad sad sad. bye bye mininova. i'm gonna miss you. thx for all the great torrents you shared!

for further information : click here


ZH ♥ said...

ape kesss? mane nk cari movie ag lepas ni. sob~


tu la psl.
sedey yg amat! ssh nk cr torrent yg bgs2 kt site lain.
uwaaaaaaaaaa :((

Anonymous said...

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