Monday, January 18, 2010

weekend get-away

family time together! yay love this. me n lil bro went to sis house to have our weekend getaway. last minute plan. so we had like only one basic plan. genting all the way. ngeh ngeh. then when the ticket sold out, we kind of wth? no car just public transport. car already left at putrajaya, we went to kl central by train. yep the fastest not so cheap ERL ;p then after a very long discussion haha, we like 'ok jom skate kat sunway'. sunway? ow. x tahu nak naik public transport macam mana nak pergi sana. ok, nak pendekkan cerita we survived. sampai jugak! yay! memories. make me smile all day long. ngeeee

us waiting for the big car which is bus! haha

me with bro

tiket panjang giler - 7 org kan. hehe

all of us

tragedi!!! haha

on the way back :)

hope we can spend more time together like this :)


ammira azmi said...

rajen ed updet blog!



hehe. saye mmg rajen. smua auto-publish. haha ;)

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