Wednesday, May 12, 2010

C vs S

Chuck : The reason Blair attacked you is because she misses you. After 18 years, you can't read Waldorf subtext?
Serena : I shouldn't have to. If that's how she feels then she should just tell me. It's the mature thing to do.
Chuck : This coming from someone who just pushed their best friend into a cake.
Chuck : Look, you think your friendship is going to take care of itself. You're not kids anymore. You can't say you hate each other and then make up and hour later on the MET steps.
Serena : You tell her that.
Chuck : I'm telling you and you should be careful. Because one day you're gonna find yourself telling people about Blair Waldorf. The girl who used to be your bestfriend.

Oh Chuck! I love you. haha. Bestfriend, I'm grateful that I have one :)


ammira azmi said...


cam funny je


Bay said...



mira : babe i like d quotes. tapi xkan nak buat smpai mcm tu kan? hehe. so beringat yg kita ada bestfriend, and never ever do the same thng. coz sooner or later, the one thng u will do is talk about ur bestfriend. and dat time, dah terlambat dah :)

that's y now i am grateful that i have you! hehe :D

bay : thx for dropping by. ur blog skin is soo nice. i like it!

Mr.Emo said...

i follow you dah in facebook.. :D hee.. xD

thanks ya.. :D


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