Saturday, May 22, 2010

gossip girl

first season - cool. i love serena and dan. but i love chuck more. as always la kan. haha.
second season - blair and chuck. all the games, the lies, the dramas sort of perfect for the story line and what mattered the most is the happy ending.
third season - hurm, last episode completely upset me. why oh why on earth it is going to be like that? all screwed up except Dorota and Vanya. Chuck slept with Jenny and got shot by some random guy, Nate and Serena taking a break, Nate become completely a different person (hate this), Blair ended up alone (sad), Dan is going to be G's baby daddy? (what the?) *sigh*. can't wait for the next episode this Fall.


ammira azmi said...

rajen buat review!



haha. auto-publish. mmg rajin :)

ammira azmi said...


banyak lagi nk master blogspot ni
xsempat menggodek2

harussssssss blaja protected entry n auto publish!



haha. tula protected entry x reti lgi. kne g berguru ngn zatiey. hehe :D

dancing queen♥ said...

haha. bayar la weh! :P


ces! mira dia berkire ngn kita. cet! hahaha. ape kate mu post one entry ajar smua org psl ni? murah rezeki mu ajar org. hahahahahha :))

ammira azmi said...


zatie, mu kan cikgu berjaya

practise la

bukan sng dpt ank murid comel n adorable cam kami



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