Monday, May 3, 2010

pulau sempu trip

the best trip ever. it was awesome except the hiking part. haha. my first time visiting the place, my first time hiking, our first trip together (my batchmates). it takes 3 hours to go there, spent the night at Pulau Senda Biru, and the next day we went to Pulau Sempu. to go there we have to hike like for 3 hours (ini sangat menguji jiwa raga) but i survived. i am proud of myself. the track was so muddy and slippery. 2 to 3 times fell. thank to sarah for helping me through the journey :)

it's worth it. the view was so nice. subhanAllah. sangat-sangat cantik. i think this is my first and last time to go there. cannot 'tahan' the hiking part. im not that kind of adventurous. hehe. hope we can do this together again at a different place. not to forget thx to cik abir for this wonderful trip (^-*)

enjoy the picta. more at facebook :)

spending the night at Pulau Senda Biru
Full moon. sangat cantik. credit to vj :)

morning view at the fisherman village.

view from the top.

love this photo.


we are at the top!
abir, suraya, sarah and me.

hiking for 3 hours. look at the mud. yuck!

us :)

this is beyond awesome-ness!!


ammira azmi said...

breathtakingly beautiful!



huhu. jomla. kalau kamu2 datang, i sanggup hiking buat kali ke 2. hahahah :P


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