Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Advance Birthday

26 June 2010
It was the wedding day.
It was the ulcer and sore throat day.
It was the OSCE day.
And it was a very very bad day for me.
Thanks guys for the surprise birthday party in advance. It made my day :):):):)
Although i can't smile (blame the ulcer ;p), i do really appreciate it.

to Suraya, Happy advance birthday. Big 22 0_o
May Allah bless us. InsyaAllah :)
At the party. Hehe :D


Miss Alyaa said...

huhu..rugy x p..
ak tido smpi kol 9...
x sdar lgusng tau..
ni osce punya psala r..
neway, happy bday in advance k..


huhu. takpe. hehe. thx alyaa! :)

Suraya. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance to you tooo :)

nasib baik slalu kne surprise ade partner..hahahha


haha. thx! tau xpe. kalau tak, tak reti nak respond mcm mane. hehe. hope tahun ni kte lg matang n better than before. insyaAllah :)


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