Friday, June 18, 2010

quote of the day

When I get sad, I stop being sad and be Awesome Instead

This quote used to be in my header before. Now i don't think i can be awesome when i am sad. The only person who can be awesome when he sad, is Barney. Oh. hurmm.

Now i change the quote to this,

Zig when others Zag

Im loving it . It reflects how i feel right now :)


dancing queen♥ said...

i think the previous quote is better. it can motivate u and ermmm.. me. u know? HEHE


huhu. mmg motivate but for now it's hard to be awesome when i sad. so i changed the quote. temporarily. maybe later i change back. hehe :D

Rosie said...

ape maksud zig when others zag? hehe

ammira azmi said...

did anyone zag u dear??

mari kite jadi awesome



rosie : hehe entahlah. love it. macam do something differ dari org kot. hehe. mcm2 bleh interpret.

mira sayam : no la. xde yang zag i pun. i zag org adala. haha. jom2 we need awesomeness in life. hehe ;)


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