Monday, June 7, 2010

you can't always get what you want

dah tak de perasaan dah. apa-apa je la.
i don't want to be a person who keep cancelling on their family.
sorry i can't make it this time. i am very deeply truly sorry :(
it is just the beginning. and i hate every single part of it.
(and 'this' is not what i want in the first place)
how i wish i am in a different field right now not in medical way.
damn it! there's nothing i can do. i've tried, sorry sis.
just remember one thing, i love you and sorry i can't be there.



dancing queen♥ said...

ohh.. tak dapat pulang kah?


sepertinya :(

ammira azmi said...

be awesome!



macam mana nak be awesome bila jiwa kacau? hehe. skrg dh ok sket. kne cr distraction. thx cik mira.

zatie n mira : mu la wakil ak yer. hugs n kisses to my sista nanti :)

ros said...

Slm, jemput singgah dan follow blog saya ya..tq


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