Sunday, November 14, 2010

tv series

kind of addicted. semua genre aku suker. love, fiction, reality and etc.
jom list! haha. takde kerja kan. huhu :)
How I Met Your Mother
Never fails to make me laugh. Thanks to Barney for that.
What an AWESOME series kan?

6 seasons in a row. and they're just getting stronger.
love all the characters in the series.
life and the quotes *heart*

my current obsession. huhu. how la not to love this series.
a bad guy and a good guy. the sarcasm and all.
perfect combinations :)

glee, gossip girl, house, life unexpected, 90210, two and a half men, cougar town, desperate housewives, royal pains, america's next top model, project runway, lipstick jungle. etc etc. told ya! addicted!



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