Thursday, December 30, 2010

pause.recapture the moments of 2010

one more day. tomorrow is going to be 31122010. and then NEW YEAR! are you guys excited for new year? me i'm afraid not. love to start new beginning, new this new that but then not in the mood to celebrate at all. perfect new year eve celebration; stay at home watching movies (join sarah) hehe :D. am going to watch Pirates of Caribbean. LAME. but it is a good way of celebration is it? less energy needed, can guling-guling atas lantai, gossiping til morning, laugh and laugh and laugh then start the new year morning with a productive one. remember last time i told you that i'm going to exercise and be on diet this january? yep, starting this saturday all the way til the end of january. hopefully i semangat until the end. huhu.

2010. lot of good things happened. jom list!
so that later if i got nyanyuk syndrome i wont forget. hehe :D
  1. got a new family member. my sister got married. 26th of june 2010. welcoming KAM to the family :)
  2. we went to Bali. what an awesome trip. love to go there again w you guys.
  3. went to Bandung. not a good trip for me. but then i love to see new places. it was nice. play futsal some more. not bad at all.
  4. Pulau sempu trip, Cangar trip. love em all!
  5. my youngest brother went to Mesir to further his study. never seen my dad this happy before. he knows the best and always wants the best for his children. from engineering lover change to dentistry course. hebatla my dad berkempen. haha :))
  6. bought myself a new bike. thanks aboh :)
  7. family trip. we went to genting together, went to sunway together, balik kampung together. lot of things had been planned to do together. we never this rapat before (cuti tak sama, all duduk asrama and etc), bila dah besar, seriously terasa kalau boleh nak berkepit all the time. nak spend most of the time together!
  8. my sisters both sambung study. my brother is going to graduate soon. alhamdulillah.
  9. all the friends surround me that i can count on. thanks guys ^^
  10. end of theory year. hooraaayyyyyy!
my new year resolution? haven't think of any. been busy with finals (tipu :P). haha.


Anonymous said...

go idiey!

ammira azmi said...

babe. supe malas nak blog. sgt seronok melapak :D


@rosie : thx babe! go rosie jugak :)


@mira sayam : update update update! dah rindu kot nak bace. hehe :D

smua org dah stat sekolah. buhhsaaannn :(

ammira azmi said...

haha. lama sgt xblog. drop comment pon abes berterabur typo.:D

ps: sumerang stat sekolah, aq stat jadik housewife :D


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