Thursday, March 24, 2011


itcchyyyyyyy! i've been having this for about 3 days. it is a type of skin disorder. can google yourself if you want (malas nak put the def here. huhu). luckily, i kena the mild one. red spots here and there. tapi gatal duh. mostly kena kaki. sobs. semoga saya cepat sembuh *yeah berharap untuk diri sendiri* :(

ok done with that. now series pulak. series here in my laptop is soooo banyak (me kind of 'hantu' la kan pasal cerita2 neh. huhu). it's getting full yo! must gear myself up and watch the series now. then delete, yep DELETE. i don't keep them lama2. buat semak je. lols. oklah. chiooowww! >.<



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